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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  March 17, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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this is a live picture of fells point and the beer about to start flowing bop word of caution from law enforcement. happy st. patrick's day and thanks for joining us. >> the early birds are getting the worm. >> it's going to be a long day. >> the guinness. it's going to be a long day. it could be a beautiful one. let's check in with meteorologist justin berk. >> nice weather to not stand in our way. we are looking at temperatures that start us off this morning above normal. it's going to be cool. 45 in rock hall and dundalk. 36 degrees in ellicott city. take you back to frederick county and i will be out there talking to the kids at the friends meeting school about weather. we are excited about that. we are looking at a decent weather pattern for the next couple days. we will be talking about dry warming winds giving us sunshine today and tomorrow. we start off with st. patrick's day hour by hour. mid-40s by eight.
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lunchtime, 60 a-65 -- and 65 this afternoon. kim brown has traffic. >> reporter: thanks, justin. increasing volume in certain areas pushing speeds down just a tad. looking live at 695 on the outer loop at liberty road on the right-hand side. , traffic is picking up slowing things down a little bit. no major delays right now to let you know about. going to the maps, we have reports of our first accident of the morning. that's in parkville loch raven boulevard at crumbwell bridge road. fluids leaking in the road and fire activities and sparks phoenix at starlight farm drive that could be block lanes. a closure at o'donnell betweenlyn -- linwood and potomac. one minute after six. the late nest japan. it's getting -- latest in japan. it's getting tense where helicopters are dumping sea water on the burning plants. television footage shows the water disburse in the wind.
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the united states says its chartering planes to help americans get out of the country. the u.s. is recommending that citizens not stay during the nuke clear crisis. elevated -- nuclear crisis. elevated levels of raiding ahas been detected and sign tests say it's possible the plume could move over alaska and west coast of the united states late tomorrow afternoon. doctors say the radiation levels will be minimal. a young howard county woman is trying to get home from japan this morning. danielle jacobs is a student at towson university and spending her senior year as part of an exchange program. she was in class at tokyo international university when the earthquake hit. to beingo was few hundred miles from the epicenter and there are concerns of radiation leaking from the fukushima nuclear power plant. >> i am scared, but most of me is really stressed and hopefully nothing else happens and i can get to the airport okay. >> i know this's other people
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suffering worse than she is. don't get me wrong, but i need to get my daughter home. >> under the circumstances, dan yl's host family in tokyo can't spare the gas to -- danielle's host family in to beingo can't spare the goose get her to the airport. she has to take a train to the university and catch a bus to the airport. on a normal day, a trek like that is three hours. but her mother says she has been told the u.s. government will have officials on hand at the airport when she gets there so she can get back to the u.s. now for all the latest on the devastation in japan, head to our special section on the crisis in japan with the full headlines, pictures and videos. eyewitness accounts as well. find it under the spotlight section on the home page. three minutes after six. no criminal charges will be filed against the owner of two american pit bulldogs that attacked a 7-year-old girl in dundalk. tina baker will face hundreds of dollars in fines for violating baltimore county's
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cold. she can request a hearing before the animal hearing board to appeal the fines. baker's dogs attacked 7-year- old amanda mitchell while she rode her bike on saturday night. the girl's face was severely damaged and she will need several surgeries after attack. baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is speaking out this morning after being criticized over approve more than 900 -- approving more than 900,000 in grants for john hopkins. her husband works with johns hopkins community physicians. the mayor says none of her votes had anything to do with the program that her husband works with. >> let me be clear, not one single routine item approved by the board of estimates since december has had anything to do with my husband's job. >> rawlings-blake says the city solicitor is look into whether her husband's position means she should abstain from all votes involving johns hopkins. four minutes after six right now. in just one hour, the crew of
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the usns comfort will be shipping out. the baltimore based hospital ship is setting sail for a five- month humanitarian mission. linda so is there live at the canton pier with more on their mission. linda. >> reporter: hey, megan. 7:00 is the time they are leaving. this is the exterior of the ship. standing by next to it, it's massive. they are getting ready for another humanitarian mission sending them back to haiti, south and central america and the caribbean area. they are putting the finishing touches on that. joining us is captain todd. you said inside -- looking from the outside it's massive. give us a picture of what's going on. >> when you go inside, it's massive inside because if you didn't know any better, you would think it was a medical center. a lot of big open spaces, a lot of x-ray equipment in the hallways ready for x-rays when people come on in going into the operating rook. it looks like a regular operating room with gurneys ready to accept patients.
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the operating rooms are quite large compared to most operating rooms in a regular hospital. our wards are equally as big. only thing that's different than a regular hospital is in the ward, they are in bunk beds. so, we have the capability to put patients on the lower level and also the upper level. but other than that, you wouldn't notice you are on a ship it's so large. >> reporter: and you were in haiti last year when the earthquake struck and you are going back as part of the mission. what does it feel like to see what's going on there? >> it was phenomenal experience to be part of the initial response and see the devastation going on. and it will be fascinating to see the difference when we go back basically a year and a half later to see the difference that time has been made with the corporations and all the governments going to help the people of haiti. >> reporter: really, and you've had a lot of experience doing this. you've had time on the mercy ship right. >> yes, i have.
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>> reporter: and this is just really what you train for all your life? >> this is a great plus. what we do is train to take care of our wound warriors back home as well as our beneficiaries, our family members, go to deployment to war zones and this is another arm of what we do. >> reporter: thanks so much. thanks for your time i think it's great what you do on the ship. >> thank you. >> reporter: again, seven is when they are leaving and they are putting on the final touches. we will be here as they leave and bring you more later on. live in canton, linda so, abc2 news. 6:07. thanks. for many of us the st. patrick's day celebration is likely going to kick off late they are afternoon. a few pints with friends and home safe and sound and good night's rest and college basketball along the way. that's so pedestrian. for solve those, committed to the cause, the bars are opening early. really, really early. sherrie johnson is live in baltimore. you can hear it. >> reporter: yes. >> she is in fells point getting the day started.
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>> reporter: we are getting the day started very early. we are here here where people are -- here where people are already pouring in. it opened a few moments ago ready to celebrate st. patrick's day. it's not just about having a good time. they've special cause going on here today. so the irish pub, they will donate $1 for every guinness that's poured here today. and they are going to donate that to the american red cross to help those that are affected by the earthquake and tsunami andn japan. and they are going to have -- in japan. and they are going to have buckets set out so people can donate whenever they want. but i met a few people that are enjoying and kicking the st. pad yea day early. can -- st. patty's day real early. tell me -- tell me what it means. >> it's fantastic celebration of friends and comradery. >> reporter: all right. and do you -- i see you here having a good time. do you come out every year? >> some of the guys do this is
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my first year out in many years. but it happens. >> reporter: you are started pretty early. is that usual? >> st. patrick's day for these guys? absolutely. >> reporter: what do you think about them having the donations and taking those up to the earthquake victims. >> fantastic. >> reporter: so it's nice to know that you know you are serving up your beer. >> for a good cause. >> reporter: all for a good cause. thanks so much for talking to us. have a great time. don't let me stop you. so there you have it here. folks are starting to file in here having a good time and also making donations and helpingsome of those earthquake victims in japan. if you are going to drink, make sure you don't drive. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 now is. >> thanks. if you are kicking your morning off there and ending your day at james joyce, probably best that you leave the car at the house. once again, tipsy taxi service is offered in baltimore city. aaa is working with yellow cap to offer free ride home for
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those who go a little too far with the st. patty's day celebration. but only if you go to a baltimore city bar or baltimore city restaurant. for this afternoon until 4 this morning, you can get a free ride home up to the cost of $50 for the cab ride. number is on the screen 877-963- 8294. and tonight's st. patrick's day celebration is going to mean more than a guinness headache. it will mean a traffic headache as well in canton. canton's o'donnell square will be blocked off with traffic starting at 7 this morning through 7 saturday evening. that's a long party. o'donnell's street will be closed in both directions from linwood to potomac. portions of south carly and south stre-eper streets will be closed -- curly and south streeper streets will be closed. when you think about florida you think about beach, seafood and relaxation many you yont -- you don't think about
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the -- relaxation. you don't think about the humidity. >> it was no relaxing after looking up in the sky. people living longer in the u.s. the golden years extended into your 70s. and part of living longer may be your effort to get to the gym. how man's best friend is playing part in motivation for that. but first, a look at the latest business news. >> reporter: good morning. we begin your money scope report with another down day for japanese stocks. the nikkei average fell more than 1% on fears of a meltdown at the fukushima nuclear plant. anxiety about the reactor sent the dow tumbling 2% on wednesday. erasing most gains for the year. toyota is resuming production at factories making replacement parts for vehicles on the road. but it's extending the shutdown through next tuesday at assembly plants affecting 95,000 vehicles. brace yourself for even higher food prices. whole sale prices rose last month by the most in 36 years. and those increases will make it to the grocery store and
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restaurants. cold weather is mainly to blame. rising costs on everything from vegetables to meat and dairy. and diet coke overtook pepsi as the number 2 carbonated soft drink for the first time last year. coca cola stole number one. that's your money scope report. i am peggy bunker.
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♪ [ water running ]
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[ indistinct talking on television ] hola padre. hola. [ male announcer ] you do everything so they're at their best. so start their big days with the incredible protein. eggs. ♪ edible arrangements bouquets. happiness is always in season. call, click, or come into the location near you. now, "good morning maryland." check this out. in palm beach county florida, they woke up to see a funnel cloud in the sky. cloudth cloud never touched down and there are no reports of damage. just pretty incredible video that someone caught we wanted to passe long to you what they are seeing in the sky over florida. justin. and that's good looking stuff. it's better when it doesn't
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touchdown. so far, we are running below normal in terms of severe weather reports across the u.s. and that's a trend despite one record year most of the last five years of tornado activity. it's been below normal in the u.s. here we go. 41 today. we will have nothing but quiet weather around here. we are looking at 41 this morning taking us to clear skies and a beautiful sunrise on tap and sunny st. patrick's day whatever is on tap for you. hint, hint. we get green on the screen with rain across the great lakes and on into southern canada. this area of low pressure will be responsible for steering the wind from the west southwest after a dry wind that's a warming wind for us. that's why we will win with temperatures in the mid-60s today and pushing higher tomorrow. front swings through. as we check out forecast future radar, indicating the showers will break up once they reach us. but there's a chance we could get a brief hit with a shower tomorrow afternoon and then leftover energy behind the
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front looks like as nice as we had tried to depict it for the weekend, we have a wringle on saturday with a leftover disturbance that could bring us rain showers on the heels of the winds shifting colder air back into the region. for today, good looking stuff. mostly sunny skies. a lot more sunshine than we had seen and that will help temperatures up to about 65, the two degree guaranteed. running about 10 above normal which keeps us in the low to mid-40s overnight. and then for tomorrow, boosting even higher. now tomorrow will turn out to be a breezy maybe even windy day but some of your standards. that's what the front swinging through. and although we add clouds in a brief shower in the sky i. think most of us will stay mostly dry and an enjoyable friday. into the weekend, there's the saturday. it will drop cooler than we earlier thought. so 56 will do it. running above normal with scattered shower. 56 dry on sunday. and the could end with falling temperatures wednesday 51 and rain.
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and there's a hint we could see snow wednesday night and thursday morning. i just had to say that and give that out for kim brown. sorry, buddy. >> reporter: i am sorry. i must have went unconscious because i thought you said snow. >> i did. >> reporter: that can't be possible, it's spring. heading to the roadways, you will find traffic off to a very smooth start for the most part. volume is beginning to pick up. you will find minor delays. look live at the beltway on the west side, that's the outer loop where you see most of the volume at liberty road making its way down towards i-70 interchange and further down towards the baltimore national pike. no major problems. traveling that strep of roadway, it will take seven minutes from 795 to 70. no issues on the harrisburg expresway, a five-minute trip to the beltway. and -- expressway, a five- minute trip to the beltway. six minutes towards the beltway from white marsh. a couple accidents including a crash reported in glen burnie. ritchie highway at fits ellen road and a crash that is
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leaking fluids up in parkville, loch raven at crumbwell. police are on the scene. and fire activity and sparks phoenix road at starlight farm drive could see some lanes blocked because of some fire equipment. now back to you. >> health news this morning. the u.s. life expectancy hit another all time high rising to about 78 years and 2 months. the centers for disease control and prevention said the newnumber is for a baby born in 2009 and is based on nearly all death certificates for the year. about 2.4 million people died in the u.s. in 2009. reveille -- roughly 36,000 fewer than the year before. now if the infant mortality rate hit a record low, it's down 3% from 2008. we have great news for all you dog lovers out there. a study shows that dogs are powerful motivators to get you off the couch and get exercising. dog owners are more likely to take regular walks and generally more activity than those who don't own dogs.
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nearly half of dog walkers exercise an average of 30 minutes a day at least five days a week by comparison only a third of those without dogs got that much regular exercise. >> roxy your life coach? >> yes. all loving pound of her. birthday time. jordain generalins turns 2. a fun-loving ball of fire. lots of love from mom, dad, and mom mom and sheron and pop rodney and big sis that's judia. time for pictures of the day. owner april brown from glen burnie sent in this picture of. >> snookums. >> and las picture of her jack -- and also she sent a picture of her jack russell tear year. happy st. patrick day's wishes. good chance neither of them are
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at the pub this morning. if you have an interesting picture and you want us to air it, we would love to. pets, anniversaries, birthdays, we will make it our picture of the day. send it to us, morning show at wmar.con and -- and include all the facts. maybe we were born to run. now you have the opportunity to own the car where the boss wrote that rock line. >> items from spreengstein to michael jackson's items all up for -- springstein to michael jackson's items all up for sale. the vatican assassin announcing more tour dates. where to get the tickets if you want to waste the money.
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thanks for joining us. entertainment news. some heavy duty rock and roll history is going up for auction in new york city. bruce springsteen's first car among more than 800 artifacts
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going up for grabs. he is said to have written the hit "born to run" in the car. and one of his guitars is available as well as army presley army dress cap and sequined glove that belonged to michael jackson. it begins in october on the 16th at gotta have it store. the warlock if you missed charlie sheen, now you can see him live. he has added five new dates to his torpedo of truth tour. he is going to take the stage in new york, boston and two dates have been slated for ohio. tickets go on sale today, but you will have to act fast. the first two shows in detroit and chicago sold out in a matter of minutes. sheen says the audience will hear "the real story from the warlock himself." i think we have heard it. >> yeah. enough of it. >> yeah. last friday, the earthquake in japan caused mainly waves in what wie i did -- major waves
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in hawaii. >> incredible video of the moment it hit and how much damage it caused. >> reporter: today is my 57th birthday and i decided before i am 60 something has to change. >> do not want to mess with this lady, ever. a pothole breaking cars in the neighborhood and she decided to do something about it. that's coming up this morning, plus... >> reporter: you will notice a big change to the canton land scale scape. the navy hospital ship comfort is about to set sail. more on the mission coming up.
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from now "good morning maryland." rushing to cool a failing nuclear reactor. japan's emergency teams doing all they can. shipping out. the usns comfort is headed south this morning. we will tell you who they are helping out this time. and hopefully, the luck of the irish will be with you. a live look at an irish pub where you can hopefully get your eggs and guinness before heading into work. good morning on this thursday, happy st. patrick's day. >> do those people have to go to work today? i am thinking no guinness for breakfast is not a sign of a productive day at the office. >> and march madness kicks off. >> and the weather. let's find out how it is.
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that may be another reason to play hooky. >> we have a fantastic weather day today and tomorrow. so it may turn into an extended four-day weekend. irish eyes are smiling on maryland. we get more sunshine today. and the warmup today and tomorrow will actually increase with temperatures above normal all though the change for the weekend brings in a possible shower on saturday. that's a one caskate and -- caveat and difference in the forecast. a dry sweep on the most powerful doppler radar and checking on temperatures in baltimore, 41. same in hagerstown. dropping to 31 in york, pa but a mild 45 in easton and ocean city starts the day at 50. wait until you see the warm temperatures today and tomorrow and the exten outlook -- extended outlook holds onto winter weather. more on that in a moment if i don't get hit by kim brown first. let's check out the traffic with her. >> reporter: justin, you are only the messenger. so i won't get too upset but this morning, you won't find a lot of problems on major


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